About - Theresa Feijo


Mindfulness does not come easy for many of us.  Our multitasking and our relationship with our devices rob us of experiencing the moment. 

I, too, find myself guilty of a distracted mind.  But not when I’m making an image. 

What I see is still evolving. I know that I am drawn to symmetry, form and motion. I know that I sometimes see ordinary as special.

How can I "see" this image? How many images can I see?


Theresa Feijo is a Brooklyn-based fine art photographer. She is a former IT professional and a former Math teacher and is a member of ASMP.


Soho Photo Gallery NYC: 2018 National Competition, "Sunset"   7/5/18 - 7/21/18

Signs365: Licensed "Quebec"  11/28/17

YourDailyPhotograph.com: "Clock Tower"  11/7/17

Soho Photo Gallery NYC: B&H Portfolio Review  7/28/15 - 7/30/15

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