Mindfulness does not come easy for many of us.  Our multitasking and our relationship with our devices rob us of experiencing the moment. 

I, too, find myself guilty of a distracted mind.  But not when I’m making an image. 

What I see is still evolving. I know that I am drawn to symmetry, form and motion. I know that I sometimes see ordinary as special.

How can I "see" this image? How many images can I see?


Theresa Feijo is a Brooklyn-based fine art photographer. She is a former IT professional and a former Math teacher and is a member of ASMP.


Soho Photo Gallery NYC: 2018 National Competition, "Sunset"   7/5/18 - 7/21/18

Signs365: Licensed "Quebec"  11/28/17

YourDailyPhotograph.com: "Clock Tower"  11/7/17

Soho Photo Gallery NYC: B&H Portfolio Review  7/28/15 - 7/30/15

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